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One of Australia's greats of Country Entertainment
You see Chad Morgan, you immediately know who he is by his trade mark Buck Teeth, you hear the song The Sheik From Scrubby Creek the name that immediately springs to mind is Chad Morgan a legend of Australian Country Music. The Sheik was recorded on Regal Zonophone back in 1952.
As with many country artists of the time, Chad won in Brisbane, and was runner up in the Sydney final of Australia's Amatuer Hour Chad Morgan

        Photo by Peter Brennan
Born Chadwick Morgan near Kingaroy, Queensland. For a while Chad lived with his grandparents then returned to his parents in a little unknown place called Scrubby Creek, today it is no longer unknown thanks to the song which was written by Chad in 1949 at the age of 16. Chad moved to Sydney where he met up with Kevin King who helped to get him work. Chad recorded some more songs which included another classic The Duckinwilla Dance. In 1956 Chad toured with Slim Dusty, then with the great Reg Lindsay another tour in 1958 this time with Nev Nicholls, Kevin King, Rick & Thel in what turned out to be a highly successful All Star Western Show.
As a young man Chad was what one could call a hellraiser, he enjoyed a drink or 10 of the pale amber and ended up on the wrong end of trouble on more than one occasion. Not trouble with the law but the mischievous kind. Get to know Chad and you find a completely different man to the mischievous larrikan he is reputed to have been. A quote attributed to Chad "I've been wild and I've seen a lot without remembering a great deal the morning after" I guess this sums up the early to mid time of his career.

Behind the larrikan image and the many stories of heavy drinking sprees, broken marriages and a health problem Chad is a very shy person, and is nobody's fool. A departure from the demon drink now and happily married, it must be time for people to now see the man behind the past image, the quitely spoken well mannered friendly Chad Morgan of the new millennium.
Illness in the early 70's kept Chad off the road, so tours were out of the question. He bounced back better than ever in 1977 when appearing with Slim Dusty at the Sydney Opera House.

A tribute story on Chad's 50 years
Written By John Paten Published in Capital News

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